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Victor Émile Marie Joseph Collin de Plancy (1853–1924)

After the signing of the Franco-Korean Treaty in 1886, Collin de Plancy was appointed as the first diplomatic minister to Korea. During his appointment, he collected various cultural properties such as Korean books, works of art, and antiques.

When he finished his term and returned to France, he brought back the cultural properties that he collected with him, among which was Jikji. After he died in 1924, most of the pieces in his collection were donated to art museums, the National Library of France, and the British Museum. However, Jikji was auctioned off at the Drouot Hotel in 1922 while he was still alive. At the auction, Henri Vever (1854–1943) bought Jikji for 180 francs.

In 1950, after his death and accordance with his will, it was donated to the National Library of France.