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Seokchan (釋璨) and Daldam (達湛): Disciples of Baegun Hwasang and Publishers of the Metal Type Copy

Seokchan and Daldam were both disciples of Baegun Hwasang. In order to spread the teachings of their teacher, they received the patronage of Myodeok to publish Jikji using movable metal type at Heungdeoksa Temple.

Seokchan was an attendant (sija, 侍者) of Baegun Hwasang who recorded the two volumes of “Baegunhwasangeorok.” As Gyeong Han’s (Baegun Hwasang) attendant, Seokchan compiled “Baegunhwasangeorok (Analects of Baegun Hwasang, 白雲和尙語錄),” composed of his teacher’s writings, and led the publication of “Buljojikjisimcheyojeol” using wood type at Chwiamsa Temple in June 1378 (the fourth year of King U’s reign) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province.

Daldam and Myodeok also participated in the publication of “Baegunhwasangeorok.” Myodeok also greatly helped in the publication of the wood type print of “Buljojikjisimcheyojeol” (Encyclopedia of Korea).