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Without knowing the great Way 不 識無爲大道
How can one reach deep and profound reasons? 何時得證幽玄
Buddha and man are of one kind 佛與衆生一種
And man is Buddha 衆生卽是世尊

- Jikji, Volume 2 -

* Interpretation

This poem shows that the Buddhist principle of existence views phenomena and their essences as one and the same. This poem teaches about the ultimate principle of existence and how to achieve it. In lines one and two, the poem states through a rhetorical question that if one does not know the great Way, they cannot achieve enlightenment. In lines three and four, the essence of truth that the poem was written about is expressed through a paradoxical expression. In teaching how to achieve enlightenment and a state of truth through this paradox, the poem strongly commands the reader to act a certain way.

Source: Jeon, Jae-gang (2017)