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Registration of Jikji with the UNESCO Memory of the World Program

Jikji Simche Yojeol 直指心體要節 is a copy of the Baegunhwasang Chorok Buljojikjisimcheyojeol 白雲和尙抄錄佛祖直指心體要節 that was printed using movable metal type at Heungdeoksa in Cheongju by Baegunhwasang in July 1377, the 21st year of the rule of King Gongmin of the Goryeo dynasty. It was produced at least 78 years before the 42-line Gutenberg Bible and at least 145 years before the Chunchubeon of China, making it the first book printed using movable metal type. Recognized worldwide for its value, Jikji was registered as a UNESCO Memory of the World in September 2001, indicating its value beyond Korea.

Source : Cheongju Early Printing Museum